• Washington Capitals Delete Sleazy Tweet Celebrating Violence After Their Player Sucker Punched a Defenseless Rival, Viciously Bodyslammed Another

    1 day ago - By Mediaite

    The Washington Capitals social media team did a brutal job of reading the room Monday night, adding insult to injury with a thoughtless tweet.
    In a game where forward Tom Wilson threw sucker punches and body slammed Artemi Panarin of the New York Rangers to the ice, the Capitals followed it with a tweet celebrating violence.
    And the Caps decided this was a good thing to tweet an hour or so later pic.twitter.com/4XPnbGvaTH
    - Lachlan Markay May 4, 2021
    Following criticism, the Capitals deleted the tweet Monday night, but it was on display long enough to highlight their poor...
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