• WATCH: Sanders Offers Water to Rally Goer with Medical Issue, Someone in Crowd Shouts ‘The Bernie Holy Water!'

    9 days ago - By Mediaite

    Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders offered some medic care for one when a woman at a rally experienced a medical issue, and Sanders stopped the rally to offer her what one audience member called “The Bernie Holy Water!”
    After holding a town hall event in Durham, North Carolina earlier in the day, Senator Sanders headed for Mesquite, Texas to rally supporters in the Lone Star State - where a recent poll shows Sanders leading the Democratic primary field in the state.
    But about ten minutes into his speech, Sanders noticed a woman in the crowd...
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  • Cartoonists share their secrets to drawing the Democratic candidates, from Bernie's hair to Klobuchar's smile

    10 days ago - By Washington Post

    “People who have the most exaggerated features tend to make the worst caricature subjects, and in that sense, I hate drawing Bernie,” says one.
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