• YWCA: 50 years after Title IX, still work to be done

    8 days ago - By Wood TV

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Fifty years ago, Title IX was signed into law with the intent of ending gender-based discrimination in educational institutions.
    YWCA President Charisse Mitchell calls it one of the country's most important and effective pieces of legislation to improve the well-being of women and girls. The focus was on schools: It was a 37-word clause included in a 1972 education bill.
    Over the past five decades, Title IX has been important in ensuring that opportunity and access is not denied based on gender. It has created opportunities in athletics, earnings and admission to...
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  • Title IX celebrates 50 years of gender equality in sports

    Title IX celebrates 50 years of gender equality in sports

    8 days ago - By Who TV

    AMES, Iowa - On this 50th Anniversary of the passing of Title IX, the woman who oversees the program at Iowa State is recalling the impact that had on her as a young girl.
    Senior Associate Athletics Director Calli Sanders said that growing up in Montanna Title IX opened the doors for her first sports experience with all girls.
    "I am the youngest of ten, I have four older brothers," said Sanders. "My dad was a sports fan so we used to play in the backyard. That was the only opportunity that I had to play sports as a girl growing up in Montana. So when Title IX passed the interpretation that...
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  • GVSU celebrates 50 years of Title IX

    GVSU celebrates 50 years of Title IX

    8 days ago - By Wood TV

    ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - As balloons, a birthday cake, and party favors lined the walls of the Grand Valley State University Fieldhouse Thursday, the guest of honor wasn't a person, but rather a law.
    It was all to honor the 50th anniversary of Title IX, landmark civil rights legislation that leveled the playing field for women in sports and education.
    "You don't win these (Directors Cups for success in collegiate sports) without investing in women's sports," GVSU Athletic Director Keri Becker said.
    Biden administration proposes extending Title IX protections to transgender...
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