• Guy Benson & ESPN's Rece Davis Talk The Return Of ‘Big Ten' College Football

    6 days ago - By FOX News Radio

    Rece Davis, ESPN College GameDay Host and Play-by-Play Commentator spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the return of 'Big Ten' college Football.
    Listen To The FULL Conversation Below:
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  • Fox News Panel Gets Very Awkward When Hosts Push Back on Gingrich Invoking George Soros: ‘So It's Verboten?'

    6 days ago - By Mediaite

    Things got remarkably awkward on Fox News' Outnumbered Wednesday after Newt Gingrich invoked George Soros as he talked about crime in cities across the country.
    Melissa Francis talked about the consequences of violence and rioting and people in communities who have suffered as a result. “For a lot of people, they see the numbers around the destruction and they don't think about that every one of those businesses is a family, is a face, is a person, struggling with no way to support their family.”
    Gingrich then jumped in to partly blame George Soros:
    “The number one problem in almost all...
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