• Why GoFundMe Is Refunding the Millions Trump Supporters Donated to Build the Border Wall

    7 monthes ago - By Celebrity Babies

    A GoFundMe campaign that has raised more $20 million in an effort to help fund President Donald Trump‘s proposed border wall hit a barrier of its own last week.
    On Friday, campaign organizer and Air Force veteran Brian Koflage Jr. announced that donations would no longer be going to the federal government and instead would fund a new non-profit called “We Build the Wall, Inc.”
    However, given this change in how the money is to be used, GoFundMe said the millions of dollars Koflage had already raised will be returned to contributors unless they “opt-in” to support his new endeavor.
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  • Deroy Murdock On The Democrats Total Recklessness Dealing With Terrorists Crossing The Southern Border

    7 monthes ago - By FOX News Radio

    Deroy Murdock , National Review Online Contributing Editor, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss President Trump addressing the NY Times report he has worked for Russia and Putin, what President Trump should tell the American people about the southern border and contrasting that with the democrat's beliefs on border security.
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  • Mika Brzezinski to U.S. Adversaries: The ‘Moment to Act' Is Now Because of Trump's Lack of Leadership

    7 monthes ago - By Mediaite

    Morning Joe co-host Mike Brzezinski said if there was a time for United States' adversaries to act, the time would be now because the country looks weak due to President Donald Trump's leadership.
    Jeffrey Goldberg , editor-in-chief for The Atlantic , said the only up side of Trump's eradicate behavior is how America's enemies do not know how to anticipate the country's goals.
    “If you're an ally, you don't trust us. If you're an adversary, the only possible positive thing you can say, adversaries right now might look at us and say, we don't know what the hell they're going to do because...
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  • Trump 'Helped Putin Destabilize the U.S.,' Special Counsel Will Find, Watergate Reporter Says

    7 monthes ago - By Celebrity Babies

    Amid two new reports about President Donald Trump‘s behavior toward Russia and its leader, journalist Carl Bernstein - whose reporting on Watergate helped precipitate the resignation of President Richard Nixon - said Sunday the special counsel investigating Trump will find he “helped Putin destabilize the United States and interfere in the election.”
    Bernstein did not identify his source for this contention, made while appearing on CNN .
    “Trump keeps going back to the idea we need better relations with Russia. Could be,” Bernstein said. “He could well be right. But from a point of view of...
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