• Fox News Guest Claims Biden and Harris ‘Put More Black Men in Chains Than Robert E. Lee and Jeff Davis Combined'

    11 days ago - By Mediaite

    Vince Everett Ellison laid into Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday's Tucker Carlson Tonight and claimed she and President Joe Biden are worse for Black men's freedom than top Confederate officials were.
    Host Tucker Carlson had just played a clip of MSNBC's Joy Reid attributing dislike of Harris to racism and ignorance.
    “Do you think that's true?” Carlson asked.
    “Look, man, I don't need White men to tell me that Kamala Harris is incompetent,” Ellison began. “I mean, I can judge it for my own self.”
    Ellison noted that Harris did poorly in the 2020 Democratic primary.
    “I mean, Black...
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