• Did you See Team USA Women's Gymnastics Leotards? You Can Buy Official Replicas For $90!

    1 day ago - By Pop Sugar

    Part of the excitement of watching the Olympics is seeing the gorgeous gymnastics uniforms! If you practice gymnastics yourself, or you're just Simone Biles 's biggest fan, you can buy official replica leotards inspired by the Games. So far there are just two worn during podium training, but there should be nine total - eight women's and one men's leotard. Ahead, check out what the US Women's Gymnastics team has been sporting so far for the Tokyo Olympics. 48322457
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  • Video: Biles shows off Yurchenko double pike at Olympic training

    Video: Biles shows off Yurchenko double pike at Olympic training

    1 day ago - By Wood TV

    Simone Biles previewed her Olympic routines at women's podium training on Thursday evening in Tokyo, and even in a practice session, she did not disappoint.
    In Biles' final vault attempt, unequivocally the headliner of the session, she nearly perfectly executed a Yurchenko double pike. Until she performed the skill at the U.S. Classic in April, no female gymnast had even attempted it in competition. If she lands it during Olympic competition, the vault will be named after Biles and become her fifth eponymous skill.
    Photos: Simone Biles, USA gymnasts train in Tokyo
    Ahead of podium training...
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