• SEE IT: Lawyer in Texas court covered by cat filter on video stream: ‘I'm not a cat'

    16 days ago - By NY Daily News

    “I'm here live,” the lawyer said. “I'm not a cat.”
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  • ‘I Am Not a Cat': Texas Virtual Court Case Goes Hilariously Off the Rails After Lawyer Accidentally Activates Zoom Filter

    16 days ago - By Mediaite

    So the coronavirus pandemic is still forcing a lot of people to work from their homes, and that has led to all sorts of challenges and changes to the regular order of society. Of course, we've seen loads of hysterical moments along the way as people have tried to adapt, and a Texas court recently had its own moment of hilarity when a lawyer accidentally turned himself into a cat.
    Judge Roy Ferguson presided over a Zoom court meeting that took an abrupt turn when he noticed that one of the lawyers, Rod Ponton , had a virtual cat filter over his face. As Ferguson recommended Ponton turn the...
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  • WATCH: Texas attorney goes viral for kitten filter during Zoom court proceedings

    WATCH: Texas attorney goes viral for kitten filter during Zoom court proceedings

    16 days ago - By Who TV

    "I'm here live, I'm not a cat!" says Texas attorney Rod Ponton in a now-viral video of Zoom court proceedings.
    The trouble is, Ponton looked very much like a cat - a big-eyed kitten to be exact.
    Ponton, who is employed by Big Bend Law in Alpine, Texas, went viral Tuesday morning after a video of the 394th District Court of Texas proceedings was shared to social media.
    Ponton mistakenly had a kitten Zoom filter on at the start of the hearing and didn't know how to turn it off.
    "Mr. Ponton," a voice on the video says, "I believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings."
    Kitten who...
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