• President Joe Biden's Oval Office Now Features a Sweet Photo of Late Son Beau Biden

    1 month ago - By E! Online

    Newly sworn in President Joe Biden starts work with his loved ones, including late son Beau Biden, watching over him.
    He has already redecorated the Oval Office and behind his Resolute...
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  • Inauguration 2021: Mediate Investigates What Happens When There's Nothing for Journalists to Cover

    Inauguration 2021: Mediate Investigates What Happens When There's Nothing for Journalists to Cover

    1 month ago - By Mediaite

    On the first day of President J oe Biden's administration, Mediaite caught up with foreign journalists reporting from Washington D.C. to ask about their Inauguration Day plans now that there is nothing left to cover.
    Mediaite's videographer Travis Irvine was in an eerily empty D.C. on Wednesday, and spoke to several journalists about what they're going to report on now that there isn't much to cover.
    “Have you ever seen D.C. this empty? Why do you think it's so empty today?” Irvine asked six journalists covering Wednesday's big event.
    “I think people were urged to stay home, watch the...
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  • JUST IN: Biden Will Reportedly Keep FBI Director Christopher Wray

    JUST IN: Biden Will Reportedly Keep FBI Director Christopher Wray

    1 month ago - By Mediaite

    Win McNamee/Getty Images
    President Joe Biden has already purged - or is planning to purge - a plethora of holdovers from former President Donald Trump's administration. But the new president is now said to be keeping at least one high-profile official from the Trump regime.
    According to the Wall Street Journal , Biden plans to retain FBI director Christopher Wray , who has six years remaining in his 10-year term. Already, Biden press secretary Jen Psaki has had to field questions from reporters about the director's status. Psaki demurred, when asked during Wednesday's briefing. But it...
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  • Kimmel Says Biden's Inauguration ‘Was Like When All the Avengers Came Back Together to Beat Thanos'

    1 month ago - By The Wrap

    Jimmy Kimmel was one of the many Americans who watched Joe Biden be sworn in as the new POTUS Wednesday, taking over for Donald Trump. And the ABC late-night host described the historic occasion as the end of a Marvel movie.
    “It was a very well-done inauguration, highlighted by a strong and assuring debut for our new commander-in-chief,” Kimmel said at the top of last night's “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “Joe Biden gave a great speech. He spoke convincingly about unity and healing. He said it's time to end this uncivil war. It was the kind of speech that made you want to call your grandpa and tell...
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  • Stephen Colbert Gets Emotional Over ‘Shiny New Old President' Biden: ‘I Have Zero Gloat in Me'

    1 month ago - By Mediaite

    An extremely giddy Stephen Colbert opened a live episode of The Late Show on President Joe Biden's Inauguration Day, only to quickly reveal how truly emotional he's been.
    “Well, you did it,” he said on Wednesday night. “You survived the last four years and your reward? A shiny, new, old president.”
    The host then went on to admit that he was so happy on Wednesday, he had been crying all day.
    “It was extremely emotional and not entirely in the way that I expected,” he added. “Because I have to tell you, I have zero gloat in me. There is no end zone dance in me. What I feel is enormous...
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  • TIME Marks Day One of Biden's Presidency With Cover of Him Standing in the Oval Office Trashed by Trump

    1 month ago - By Mediaite

    TIME's new cover: Day one pic.twitter.com/R6jVrzXXZc
    - TIME January 21, 2021
    TIME Magazine has released their commemorative cover for the start of Joe Biden's administration, and the clear message is that the new president must pick up the pieces left behind by former president Donald Trump .
    The cover shows Biden looking out of the Oval Office as fiery-looking smoke gathers outside the window. Inside the office, the room is a graffitied, ruined mess as a testament to Trump's failings.
    The cover comes after Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were both named as TIME's Person of...
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