• 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Fabelmans

    7 days ago - By Screen Rant

    The Fabelmans is the newest movie from celebrated director Steven Spielberg, and it has gotten some of the best reviewers of Spielberg's storied career. There have been so many period movies that are love letters to cinema over the years, but The Fabelmans is different, as it's semi-autobiographical; the characters are all based on Spielberg's family and, of course, himself.
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  • Steven Spielberg's 10 Funniest Movies

    Steven Spielberg's 10 Funniest Movies

    8 days ago - By Screen Rant

    Steven Spielberg is currently on the receiving end of Oscar buzz and some of his best reviews of all time for his deeply personal coming-of-age dramedy The Fabelmans. Ever since his World War II farce 1941 became the first critical and commercial bomb of his career, Spielberg has tended to avoid directing straightforward comedies. But that doesn't mean his movies aren't funny.
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