• Rioters Called Pelosi's Office About a ‘Lost and Found' After Storming the Capitol, Says Rep. Jamie Raskin

    10 days ago - By Mediaite

    Photo credit: Win McNamee, Getty Images.
    In the opening scene of The Big Lebowski , The Dude arrives home from the grocery store to find intruders who vandalize his home and urinate on that rug that really tied the room together. Upon realizing they've broken into the wrong residence, they leave in a huff. Later, they return and insist to The Dude, “You're not dealing with morons here.”
    Except they are morons.
    A similar scene played out in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021. Intruders broke into a building, vandalized property, and urinated inside. But this time it wasn't a rug, but a...
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