• The Quest for the Blue Check Mark: Iowa Granny Attracts Thousands on TikTok

    5 days ago - By Who TV

    DES MOINES, Iowa - Coy Bundy is not your average TikTok user.
    “I'm getting nervous now” she says while dancing in a parking lot in front of her ring light. “I usually do it at home with nobody.”
    The 46 year-old grandmother joined the social media app around six months ago.
    “On December 31 st , I decided I was going to have a much happier life. So I joined TikTok” said Bundy.
    But what started as a way to improve her own life, quickly turned into more than Granny Coy ever imagined.
    “It's amazing that a small city single mom can make it and be seen by people.”
    Bundy started the account as a...
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