• WATCH: Hot Mic on Senate Floor Picks Up Mitt Romney Telling Kyrsten Sinema She's ‘Breaking the Internet' With ‘Dangerous Creature' Shirt

    2 days ago - By Mediaite

    Some reporters Tuesday noticed Senator Kyrsten Sinema wearing a shirt with the words “DANGEROUS CREATURE” on it while presiding over the Senate.
    Kyrsten Sinema is presiding over the Senate wearing a shirt that reads “DANGEROUS CREATURE.” pic.twitter.com/ESJcmpWBp8
    - Sahil Kapur February 23, 2021
    While presiding in the U.S. Senate, SenatorSinema wears a shirt which reads: “DANGEROUS CREATURE” pic.twitter.com/vQCfjWfBLz
    - Jeremy Art February 23, 2021
    But then, minutes after tweets about Sinema's shirt spread around on Twitter, Senator Mitt Romney walked up to her and could be heard on a hot...
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