• Watch the Comments from Sen. Blumenthal That Set Off Trump: ‘The Walls Are Closing In' on POTUS

    6 monthes ago - By Mediaite

    If you're wondering what exactly spurred the President of the United States to call Senator Richard Blumenthal “the Dick,” look no further than Blumenthal's appearance on MSNBC's Hardball last night.
    Blumenthal called the Michael Cohen sentencing memo a “bombshell” because of how it lays out how President Donald Trump directed the payments Michael Cohen made to two women.
    “And covering up those payments was part of what was done,' he said, “part of the conspiracy in which Donald Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator. Think of it for a moment. Unindicted co-conspirator.”
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  • Trump Calls Senator Richard Blumenthal ‘The Dick' in Bizarre Tweets

    Trump Calls Senator Richard Blumenthal ‘The Dick' in Bizarre Tweets

    6 monthes ago - By Mediaite

    After watching Senator Richard Blumenthal on TV, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack him again and nickname him “The Dick.”
    Many times when Blumenthal has spoken out against Trump, Trump has fired back with shots at the Connecticut Democrat over his admission that he misspoke about his service during Vietnam following critical reporting on the subject .
    Trump once again went after Blumenthal and this time just straight-up called him “the Dick”:
    Watched Da Nang Dick Blumenthal on television spewing facts almost as accurate as his bravery in Vietnam. As the bullets whizzed by Da...
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